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A Gas Steam Table Is A Versatile Solution for Holding Hot Food Temperatures

A gas steam table is a versatile piece of restaurant equipment that fulfills the important task of preserving pre-cooked foods at serving temperatures for faster and more efficient service. Steam is generated from open or sealed wells each powered by individual burners. It is then transferred to the food pans to gently heat the food to the ideal temperature throughout the day. A gas steam table is excellent because it is can heat up pretty quickly. You can choose from a natural gas or propane steam table from CKitchen’s collection of steam tables from top brands like Advance Tabco and Eagle

There are two (2) to six (6) wells in a gas steam table that can support several pan sizes including the full-size and half-size pans for main dishes and side dishes to the smaller ones for seasonings and garnishes. The pans can be as deep as 6" and as shallow as little 2.5". Apart from the steamed containers or wells where the food is placed for display and easy access for serving, a gas steam table will usually come with a cutting board to provide a convenient workspace. A gas steam table may also come with overshelves, undershelves, and enclosed cabinets for additional storage. If you need other food holding equipment for your kitchen, you may want to consider a food warmer and our countertop buffet warmers.

A gas steam table is great for both full-service and self-service use. In a full-service gas steam table, the temperature controls as exposed for operators to set it up properly. A self-serve restaurant steam table is If you prepare a lot of healthy menu items, you would love our selection of steam kettles here at CKitchen.
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