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Induction Thermal Delivery Heaters

Keep Delivery Orders Hot And Fresh During Travel With Induction Thermal Delivery Heaters

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CookTek 602201 (PTDS100) Pizza Thermal Delivery System
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CookTek 602301 (PTDS200) Pizza Thermal Delivery System
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CookTek 602101 (XLPTDS 100) Pizza Thermal Delivery System
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CookTek 606401 (XLPTDS 200) Pizza Thermal Delivery System
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CookTek 609101 (TCS100) ThermaCube™ Delivery System
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CookTek 609201 (TCS200) ThermaCube™ Delivery System
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    Induction Thermal Delivery Heaters: Reliable and Smart

    One of the biggest challenges that come with food delivery is keeping the food perfectly hot and delicious during transport so that customers can fully enjoy it as they would when they see it come out fresh from the kitchen at your restaurant. Induction thermal delivery heaters make that possible.

    Our line of induction thermal delivery heaters are from Cooktek, one of the chief names in induction technology. These products include a thermal disc that can heat and hold pizzas for half an hour. They are contained in a cordless delivery bag designed to eliminate condensation to maintain original texture, flavor, and quality.

    One would think that this setup will be cumbersome to haul, but it is actually lightweight to make it easy for your delivery staff to carry. Additionally, they can self-diagnose to alert users of any error, keeping your people and your products extra safe.

    Induction thermal delivery heaters are ideal for pizza delivery and any other foodservice establishments that struggle to keep products at safe temperatures on the way. If you are not sure which induction thermal delivery is best for your operation, don't hesitate to contact our foodservice consultants who will be more than happy to help you make the best possible purchase.

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