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Glastender Bottle Coolers

Always Serve Perfectly Refreshing Drinks at Your Bar with Glastender Bottle Coolers

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Glastender ST24-B Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$2,528.50 /Ea
Your Price$2,526.00
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Glastender ST24-S Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$2,653.50 /Ea
Your Price$2,651.00
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Glastender ST36-B Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$2,919.50 /Ea
Your Price$2,917.00
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Glastender ST36-S Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$3,054.00 /Ea
Your Price$3,051.00
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Glastender ST48-B Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$3,722.50 /Ea
Your Price$3,719.00
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Glastender ST48-S Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$3,864.50 /Ea
Your Price$3,861.00
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Glastender ST60-B Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$4,237.50 /Ea
Your Price$4,234.00
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Glastender ST60-S Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$4,386.50 /Ea
Your Price$4,383.00
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Glastender ST72-B Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$4,789.00 /Ea
Your Price$4,785.00
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Glastender ST72-S Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$4,949.50 /Ea
Your Price$4,945.00
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Glastender ST96-B Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$5,766.50 /Ea
Your Price$5,761.00
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Glastender ST96-S Flat Top Bottle Cooler
$5,943.00 /Ea
Your Price$5,938.00
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Commercial bar, club, or full-service restaurant, no matter the nature of your operation you’re bound to need a bottle cooler for your establishment. Bottle coolers ensure your guests are served only with the most chilled and palatable beverages available. Glastender bottle coolers help store every bottled beverage in your inventory at optimal temperatures. With over half a century of experience in the commercial refrigeration industry, Glastender has achieved excellence in its niche by providing marvelously engineered refrigerators to its customers. Their customer-centric approach and products are known for their seamless operations even in large-scale settings. From beers and champagne, to wine and non-alcoholic ciders, you can deploy a Glastender bottle cooler for just about chill every beverage in your establishment's storage. Standalone bottle coolers also allow you to organize your cold storage better, enabling you to have a dedicated space and appliance just for your inventory’s bottled beverage section. Maintaining an ordered and clean storage is imperative to deploying quick & easy ways to serve your high-volume business. CKitchen’s selection of Glastender bottle coolers is sure to help you find what you need irrespective of the food business you run. Check out Glastender’s complete set of offerings to equip your establishment with the best.
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