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Pack Amazing Flavor In Every Glass Of Cocktail With Muddlers

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    The Best Muddlers For Great-Tasting Cocktails

    A muddler is a reliable tool in the arsenal of any bartender committed to delivering each customer with a good glass of cocktail. A muddler is used to squeeze or mash fruits, herbs, and spices to get as much flavor as possible incorporated into the beverage. Some are even designed to be robust enough for crushed ice as well.

    Muddlers are made using different materials and can come in an array of shapes and sizes. The general length of muddlers is in the 6 to 9-inch range. Wood muddlers have been used for centuries and remain the most popular choice for most bartenders because they are highly durable. They have an appearance of a small baseball bat only with a flat bottom, which allows for even mashing at the bottom of the glass. Now, you can find different types of wood used including maple wood, hardwood, or natural wood. Wood muddlers are pretty versatile as well in that they offer great control for gentle mashing as well as crushing larger and harder ingredients.

    Plastic and stainless steel muddlers come in a variety of styles simply because of the versatility of the material. You will find some with netted or serrated heads that can help with breaking down the fruits. They can be designed to have a smooth grip or rough grip using grip rings or rubber handle so you can easily find a muddler that will truly suit you. Plastic muddlers will be especially helpful when juicing citrus fruits while stainless steel muddlers may even be strong enough for harder ingredients. 

    No matter type of muddler you pick, it is important that it feels well in the hand and easy to use. You will surely get the best muddler for you from our amazing selection designed and manufactured by trusted brands. 

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