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Digital Scales : Measuring Up to Excellence

Digital Scales : Measuring Up to Excellence

Consistency in your menu items truly boils down to how well you measure your ingredients. In the argument for digital kitchen scales, there are many factors that prove that utilizing digital scales in your everyday operations is the best way to measure items in your restaurant.

Invest in a Rice Cooker for Increased Convenience in the Kitchen

Invest in a Rice Cooker for Increased Convenience in the Kitchen

For thousands of years, rice has been one of the most widely consumed staple foods in the world. Whether it is being used in Asian, Indian, Mexican, or American cuisine, rice has been a huge part of cooking across the world for as long as we can recall. Some people might say that rice is somewhat difficult to prepare. Therefore, it is important to have the right tools and equipment on hand when preparing rice.

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Bizerba Hatco Hobart Piper Star Waring Baxter Cambro Falcon TAYLOR PRECISION PRODUCTS Thunder Group Vollrath Browne USA Globe Victorinox Hamilton Beach 1880 HOSPITALITY Advance Tabco Alegacy Foodservice Products AllPoints Blendtec BRENTWOOD APPLIANCES INC CDN Edlund Eurodib USA FMP Global Solutions by Nemco GOLD MEDAL PRO CUISINE USA INC San Jamar Vitamix Winco Admiral Craft Skyfood Equipment

Huge Selection of Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Make your kitchen more efficient than ever with this selection of small commercial kitchen equipment from CKitchen. If you’re regularly creating certain dishes or beverages, it can help to have a single-purpose appliance devoted to that task. Other small appliances can come in handy by taking up little space but still being available for the infrequent times when they are needed. These affordable options make it easy to outfit your restaurant kitchen with the gadgets you need to come up with creative menu items, serve patrons quickly and create a minimal mess in your space.

Our selection of small commercial kitchen appliances includes a number of convenient appliances devoted to specific tasks. From hot dog steamers to soup kettles to French fry cutters, these appliances are designed to make these particular tasks incredibly easy and efficient. In addition to these single-purpose appliances, you’ll also find a number of small appliances that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Heated shelves can be used to display a number of delicious buffet items, while wrap stations can be used to prep all kinds of to-go orders or keep leftover ingredients fresh for later use. The selection at CKitchen also includes other popular items for the kitchen like food scalesbar appliancesdisplay binsblenderssalad vegetable dryers, and more.

Whether you want a new gadget to outfit your spacious restaurant kitchen or you need some essentials to fit a tiny kitchen in a cafeteria, concession stand, or convenience store, these small appliances are sure to come in handy. These equipment options are from some of the top brands in the food service industry, so you’ll get high-performance results no matter which option you choose. Get the lowest prices and free shipping by shopping for your commercial appliances at CKitchen.

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Sam W. (Oregon City)

accurate results consistently

Shazia Ch

accurately computes prices based on weight, which is crucial for our business where precision matters

Rose Cr

outstanding balance of performance and affordability

Sonia MD (Oklahoma City)

valuable addition to my business, came with impressively quick shipping.

Verified User Stanislav K (Moskovskiy, Moscow)

Nice opener

Verified User Joe N (Cresson, Pennsylvania)

Great service

Verified User Abdullaziz a

Very good for working in restaurants and houses, easy to clean and can be used for hot and cold. The product quality is high and strong. And its cover is tightly sealed.

Verified User TIFFANY R (Springfield, Tennessee)

in a high school teaching class\nso far works good\n

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Commercial Small Equipment
Commercial Small Equipment
Commercial Small Equipment
Commercial Small Equipment
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