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Small Kitchen Equipment & Kitchen Appliances offers a line of small commercial kitchen equipment and kitchen appliances from top commercial kitchen manufacturers including Edlund, Kel Max, Cecilware, Waring, Hobart, Adcraft and Merco Savory. These manufacturers feature commercial restaurant equipment products including can openers, ingredient bins, juicers, label printing scales, scales, toasters, rice cookers, and waffle bakers. Purchase a piece of small commercial kitchen equipment or kitchen appliances today from for the best price and product value. provides assistance in choosing the right commercial small equipment or commercial kitchen appliances for your business. Give us a call and one of our certified food service equipment specialist will provide you with the proper information to choose the best product for your business.
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Small Commercial Kitchen Equipment Recent Reviews
Tim S (Long Island City, New York)
terrific recommendation
TIFFANY R (Springfield, Tennessee)
in a high school teaching class\nso far works good\n
Amber Gorman
Able to toast a lot at one time. Very speedy and helpful in the busy kitchen. We've only had it for a short time but it seems very high quality so far.
allison w
small but effective. definitely gets the job done. quick and easy to clean
Catherine R
Very happy I purchased this item. The nonstick coating really helps the foods to come off easily. Keeps rice warm and moist until ready to be served.
Jennifer Rollins
This is a wonderful product at a great price. Cooks to perfection every time so far. Very easy to clean up as well
Andrew Miller
We purchased this several weeks ago. I was very pleased to find out that it cleans up very easily. Rice and pasta dishes are a bit hit in the restaurant, so this gets a lot of use. It is serving its function very well so far!
Martha Stevens
Purchased this blender for my restaurant, but it works so well, I am thinking about spending the money to buy one for my own kitchen at home! It works better than any blender I've ever owned. Worth every single dollar.
Jennifer Green
Delighted with this product. Much better than my previous toaster. Toasts quickly and evenly every time. No complaints!
Samuel Canton
Very durable, lots of variable measurements, measures consistently and accurately...very pleased with this purchase. Thank you
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