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Glass Rimmers

Deliver Unique and Great-Tasting Margaritas With The Help of Glass Rimmers

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    Glass Rimmers: The Perfect Margarita Station

    Glass rimmers always have a place in a professional bartender's station as these simple but very functional accessories elevate the experience for your guests by enhancing the appearance and the taste of the margaritas you serve. These tools can make a world of difference in the presentation of your drinks and give you a lot of leeway in concocting unique and creative margarita recipes.

    A glass rimmer is a round disc that is specifically designed to apply salt or sugar at the rim of the margarita glass by placing the glass against the disc and turning it upside down. These accessories are sized to fit standard glasses. Glass rimmers usually have multiple tiers each one with a dedicated ingredient. Most glass rimmers have a tier for salt and sugar. There is usually a dedicated disc with a sponge specifically for lime juice, which is used to make sure that sugar or salt sticks to the rim.

    Glass rimmers also offer a way to speed up your service by letting you rim salt and sugar om the glasses in advance so all that is left to do is mix the drinks, allowing your guests to enjoy an excellent rimmed glass without waiting longer.

    CKitchen offers a great selection of glass rimmers from top industry brands for assured quality. These glass rimmers have multiple tiers to accommodate the range of flavorings you have in store. Many of these units also have colored discs, which make it easy to identify the ingredient, which helps improve the speed and organization of your bar. We also offer replacement sponges fpr your existing glass rimmers.

    If you need more bar supplies or bar equipment, don't forget to browse our website to get the best prices for the best brands. We also offer free shipping to help you save more while you build your operation. For questions or any assistance during your shipping, our foodservice equipment professionals are a call and email away.

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