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The Best Electronic Timers For Foodservice Professionals

Electronic timers are reliable gadgets that help you multitask successfully in a busy kitchen. When you are cooking and baking various dishes all at once, electronic timers can help you keep track of all of them. By sounding an alarm when the food is ready, electronic timers prevent instances of scorching or undercooking your products, which slow your service and cause food waste. This ultimately helps you put out consistent quality of food, giving you the confidence that each dish you deliver to the table is cooked to perfection.

Electronic timers offer a lot of advantages over a mechanical timer because they are more versatile and easily programmed. They can be configured to count down or up. They have dedicated buttons to set the minutes and seconds separately, and then a Start/Stop button to begin or halt the timer. Most kitchen electronic timers you will find are digital timers that display by minutes and seconds while some also have a readout for the hours to aid you during longer cooking sessions.

Electronic timers here on CKitchen are compact, lightweight, and robust. They have big and large displays so that the readout is clearly visible even from far away. Top-of-the-line units even have additional features such as a dual audio and vibration alarm system as well as number keypads for faster operation. There are also electronic timers that allow you to set up to three timers all at the same time as well as units that can display a clock at the slide of a switch.

CKitchen also has a wide selection of foodservice equipment and supplies from some of the best and most reliable brands in the market. We offer products at the lowest prices guaranteed and with free shipping so you can build your ideal kitchen within your budget. If you need any help in selecting your next purchase, give us a call and we'll have a foodservice equipment professional ready to provide the assistance you may need.

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