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Food Thermometers & Timers

Food Thermometers & Timers: Achieve Culinary Mastery

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Food Thermometers & Timers: Achieve Culinary Mastery

Food thermometers and timers are used to measure the temperature and the duration of the cooking process. For most, if not all recipes, the temperature and duration are integral to the taste and flavor of baked, fried or boiled dishes. Kitchen timers help keep track of the time left or the time required. These thermometers and timers are small and handy allowing ease of use, travel, and storing. They can be used by professional chefs and amateur cooks alike. There are many different varieties of food thermometers for measuring the core temperature of meat, candy, chocolate tempering and other delicacies.

Timers are small and have loud alarms to notify the cook of the duration. A proper food thermometer is an essential piece of equipment that should not be lacking in your kitchen. The need for one is emphasized more in restaurants because the inventory needs to be regularly monitored for reasons like food safety regulation, maintenance of quality, and inventory management. Many timers are made of heat-resistant material, allowing their use alongside fire and in boiling water.

Timers now have both mechanical and digital mechanisms. As the spring of the timer unwinds, it turns the gear causing the dialer on the timer to move. When the spring unwinds completely, the timer finishes its cycle causing the alarm to go off. This small device is of extreme importance when baking or cooking eggs.

Manual and digital thermometers and timers are made to be durable and resist heat-related damages. These gadgets are small, fit in the hand, and can be cleaned easily in dishwashers or by hand. Browse through our collection of thermometers and timers that match your needs perfectly to provide the  support you need for a successful recipe. From a variety of selections, find your reliable and efficient kitchen partner.

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