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Infrared Thermometers

Infrared Thermometers Provide A Safer, More Sanitary Way Of Checking Temperature

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Infrared Thermometers: For A Safer Kitchen

Infrared thermometers, sometimes called non-contact infrared thermometers, offer a safer way to measure surface temperatures. These handheld devices have an innovative design that eliminates the need for a probe, relying instead on infrared light so that no contact is required during temperature measurement. They are sometimes called temperature guns or laser thermometers because the process involves simply aiming the digital laser infrared at a particular surface from a short distance and then click a button to get the temperature readout.

The absence of the probe also means you don't have to clean the thermometer in between temperature checks, which is typically required with probe thermometers. For food service operators, this comes particularly handy in food holding or deliveries.

Infrared thermometers promise instant readings that you can conveniently view on an LCD display to make the process simpler and much quicker. If you want to add more versatility in your infrared thermometers, you can also opt for dual-purpose units that are also equipped with a thermocouple probe for fast temperature readings.

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