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Commercial Thermometers

Gauging the Heat: Accurate Kitchen Thermometers for Your Restaurant

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Kitchen thermometers help you determine the exact temperature of a dish during or after the cooking process. Certain dishes need to be cooked to a very precise temperature, and a thermometer comes in handy when your staff is preparing such delicacies. Thermometers come in a variety of types that include pocket, probe, meat, candy, and deep-fry thermometers. Modern digital thermometers are quick & efficient, and can help you bake, cook, braise, deep-fry, and broil foods to perfection. If you’re looking for a simple fix and are seeking quick & easy ways to service your high-volume business, thermometers are an apt selection. Pocket thermometers enable you to tell the temperature of food quickly and are compact in size. They’re available in both digital and analog variants, and use food-grade material in their construction. Ideal for checking internal temperatures of food, probe thermometers have a stainless steel stem that takes readings. Temperatures are displayed on either a dial or a digital display, and the entire unit is oven-safe. Meat thermometers are essential if you want to ensure the dish is cooked thoroughly. They have a broad temperature range and are available in both analog and digital styles. They come with probes and can measure temperature in different portions of the meat being cooked. Measuring the temperature of cooking oil and sugar syrup requires a candy and oil thermometer to give you a precise measurement of the temperature. These thermometers come with a stainless steel probe, and a dial or digital screen to display the readings.