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Beverage & Frothing Thermometers

Produce The Freshest and Best-Tasting Milk, Coffee and Hot Drinks With Beverage and Frothing Thermometers

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The Best Beverage and Frothing Thermometers

If you want to produce the perfectly frothed milk, beverage and frothing thermometers should have a place in your bar.

Frothing thermometers or beverage thermometers are vital instruments for foodservice professionals that specialize in milk, coffee, hot beverages, and specialty beverages. These are tools specifically designed to measure the temperature of milk among many types of drink. Measuring the temperature of the milk fresh off the steam wand is an important step in creating the best-tasting lattes and cappuccinos.

Beverage and frothing thermometers are designed to be easy to read. They have a dial that typically highlights the target temperature range in a different color to make it easier for baristas to determine if the product is at the optimal temperatures.

Beverage and frothing thermometers here on CKitchen come from top industry brands such as CDN, Comark Insurtiments, AllPoints, and San Jamar. These units have a stainless steel construction to ensure the reading is accurate and to make it easy to keep clean. Beverage and frothing thermometers feature a clip that allows them to safely clamp onto the frothing pitcher.

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