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Dishwasher Thermometers

Easily Monitor Sanitizing Temperatures In Your Commercial Washers With Dishwasher Thermometers

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CDN DW2 Dishwasher Thermometer
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Comark Instruments (Fluke) KM14 Waterproof Dishwasher Pocket Thermometer
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    Dishwasher Thermometers: For Safer Dining

    When you run a restaurant, a cafeteria, or any other foodservice and institutional kitchen, you know the importance of having a stack of squeaky clean dishes available at all times. If you entrust your dinnerware to a commercial dishwasher, dishwasher thermometers are a wise investment.

    Dishwashers and other commercial washers need to reach a certain temperature in order properly sanitize your wares. Sanitizing wares is a crucial step in reducing foodborne illnesses and making sure that the food is safely prepared, cooked, and served. By verifying the temperature of the hot water used to scrub up any food particles and bacteria on your plates, utensils, glasses, and other serveware and cookware, you are assured that your dishwasher is running at it should and is effective in reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses. With dishwasher thermometers, you are more confident in providing your guests with a safer and more positive dining experience.

    Dishwasher thermometers are built to handle the high temperature inside the dishwasher. Our dishwasher thermometers here on CKitchen are made with premium-quality materials for reliable use, accurate temperature readings, and easy reading. Dial and digital thermometers are available to suit your needs.

    Both are effective in any setting, but if you want to reduce the guesswork involved in the task, digital thermometers are great because they are instant-read units that display the exact temperature on a small screen. These units usually have a temperature memory that recalls the highest temperature recorded. Some dial dishwasher thermometers even feature a probe that can be placed inside your dishwasher.

    CKitchen offers a wide array of high-quality foodservice equipment and supplies from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. Our prices are the lowest guaranteed and we also offer free shipping so you can get the best deals and excellent savings

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