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Time and Temp HACCP Thermometers

Maintain Food Safety By Keeping Track of Important Data With HACCP Thermometers

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    HACCP Thermometers For A Safer Kitchen

    HACCP thermometers are designed to help you collect and store data relevant to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points or HACCP guidelines. These are compact and convenient food safety monitoring solutions that help you stay on top of your operation and easily detect any issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

    Despite the small size, these HACCP thermometers go a long way in helping you keep your operation running safely and smoothly to be able to maintain a high standard of quality in every part of your operation--from receiving and harvesting the food to storage to prep, cooking, and food holding.

    HACCP thermometers are used to log, store, and manage data on diligence records, temperature checks, and cleaning schedules among many others with prompts for any corrective actions required. These small but powerful tools reduce human error and the need to maintain paper records, making them a more convenient and manageable option by literally having data accessible but highly secure at the palm of your hands.

    Most HACCP thermometers are designed for specific purposes and feature a stainless steel probe for measuring the internal temperature of food products. There are also advanced units that can be used for virtually any task and process including quantity checks, recording actions on damages, sell-by date monitoring, and product auditing and tracing, so you can fully tailor your thermometer to your own HACCP plan. These thermometers also typically support Type K and Type T probes to operate on a wide temperature range and tackle most tasks. 

    HACCP thermometers here on CKitchen are designed for accuracy and ease of use. These units are built with high-quality materials and are loaded with amazing features including a touch screen, easy to navigate interface, excel download of data, and password protection to make the process much simpler and quicker.

    If you need any help with choosing the right HACCP thermometer for your operation, don't hesitate to give us a call so we can connect you to a friendly and knowledgeable foodservice equipment professional who will provide the assistance you need. We also have a great selection of thermometers including infrared thermometers and many types of food thermometers to meet your daily monitoring needs.

    CKitchen partners with some of the most trusted brands in the industry to provide premium-quality foodservice equipment and supplies at the lowest prices guaranteed. We are confident in the performance and quality of our products and are committed to helping you build and design your ideal kitchen that meets your needs and your budget.


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