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Probe Thermometers

Monitor and Regulate Internal Food Temperatures To Maintain Quality With Probe Thermometers

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Probe Thermometers For Safety and Quality

Probe thermometers are a simple but effective upgrade to a busy commercial kitchen designed to make the important task of maintaining food quality and safety easier. These essential kitchen gadgets check the internal temperature of food quickly and accurately.

Probe thermometers have a stainless steel stem that varies in length. The top is attached to a wire that in turn connects to the dial or display, and a pointy end that is meant to be pushed into the center of the thickest part of the food such as large cuts of meat.

Probe thermometers can be used to take the internal temperatures of both hot and cold foods and they can be analog or digital. Analog thermometers typically have a dial with a metal coil that expands when heated, causing it to move. These units are usually oven-safe although they might deliver results slower than other types. Instant-read thermometers are better for quick results because they take a shorter time to come back with an accurate temperature reading.

Type K thermometers you will find have the widest temperature range in a probe thermometer, making them extremely versatile. There are cooking thermometers designed for safe use on ovens or stoves, which means you can take the temperature while the food is being cooked. Thermistors offer some of the quickest readings you can get out of a probe thermometer, but they cannot be used on food while it is cooking.

There are dual-sensing probe thermometers from brands like CDN that are able to measure the temperature of both the oven and the food. Some advanced digital thermometers even have special features like touchscreen, preset temperatures, and temperature alerts.

We have more analog and digital thermometers here on CKitchen. Whether you need to check the ambient temperature or the temperature inside your refrigerator or freezer, we have a great selection of thermometers that you can browse. Most allow easy recalibration to maintain its accuracy although even using the tried-and-tested iced water method helps ensure that your probe thermometers are working as they should.

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