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Kolpak Walk-In Freezers

Walk-in Freezer is an Essential Piece of Equipment that will Help you to Preserve Huge Quantities of Pre-Cooked Meals

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Kolpak P7-0606-FT Walk-in Freezer
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Kolpak walk-in freezers are essential for any food establishment to preserve huge quantities of pre-cooked meals, poultry, fish, and meat for an extended period. We provide remote and self-contained variants of modular walk-in freezers. They come in top-mount and side-mount models. Kolpak offers walk-in freezers in 80 to 532 cubic feet capacities, with heights of 6'6¼" and 7'6¼". They operate at 10℉ and feature 1 or 2 fans. These indoor units have electric coil defrost technology and an automated condensate evaporator. They can produce 4200 to 6630 BTUs per hour at 90º. Standard features include stainless steel SuperDoor construction, a heavy-duty pneumatic door closure, foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation, brushed chrome hinges, a digital thermometer, vapor-proof internal lighting, and an aluminum diamond head tread kickplate. Kolpak's patented Posi-Loc panel fasteners ensure a secure and sealed fit. They also feature an interior safety release to avoid accidental trapping. They include heated air vents to help minimize vacuum and pressure accumulation. Also, browse through our extensive selection of Kolpak walk-in coolers for efficient refrigerating of fresh produce.
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