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Dry Stacks of Trays Quickly and Sanitarily With Our Commercial Tray Dryers

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    Commercial Tray Dryers For Effortless Sanitation

    When you run a busy kitchen, it is important to maximize the time in order to get more tasks done in a day. When it comes to maintaining the availability of clean dishes and trays, the task can be easily delegated to tray dryers, which are specifically engineered to keep stacks of plates, trayware, and cookware dry and sparkling clean.

    Drying is part of food health and safety guidelines. Wares used in the kitchen must be allowed to drain before they are stacked or stored. Otherwise, the moisture can create a welcome environment for microorganisms to form. Cloth drying is not recommended either because it increases the risk of transferring the contaminants. Electric commercial tray dryers offer the best solution for drying with the use of hot air.

    These units allow for uniform drying of a large batch of dishes, trays, pots, and pans in a short amount of time reducing the labor required while also making the process much more sanitary. The drying process also ensures that no streaks or spots form, which can be unsightly to your guests.

    Tray drying can be a time-consuming process especially if you have stacks of materials to be dried every single day. Commercial tray dryers drastically speed up the process, giving you the confidence that you can always grab a dry, squeaky clean plate or tray for serving food.

    Commercial tray dryers distribute heated air over and around the tray and plates. The uniform air flow ensures that all items placed for drying will get sufficient contact time to fully dry. The stainless steel construction on these commercial tray dryers ensures that they can take a beating from everyday use in a commercial or institutional kitchen.

    CKitchen's line of commercial tray dryers is an economical and energy-efficient solution that consumes only a fraction of what other dryers use. They take no time to install and setup and with the plug-and-play design, you can put them to use immediately. They can be used in conjunction with most commercial dishwashers in the market. Perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, schools, correctional facilities, and any foodservice establishments that serve food and beverage, our durable stainless steel tray dryers are made with solid materials and are built to last for many years.

    We offer the lowest prices guaranteed plus free shipping so you can build a kitchen that truly meets your exact needs. If you need any assistance during your shopping, we have a team of foodservice equipment consultants you can call or email.

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