Countertop Braising Pans

Countertop Braising Pans Can Do All Major Cooking Tasks From Your Counter

Countertop Braising Pans: Space-Saving Versatility

Countertop braising pans also called tilting skillets pack a great level of versatility into your counter. This is a piece of equipment that is built for heavy work, making it an essential addition to a busy commercial kitchen.

Countertop braising pans are all-around cooking workhorses that can do more than just braise pans. You can use them to pan-fry chicken, roast meats, steam vegetables, simmer sauces, and fry food items. These units are even flexible enough to proof dough.

These units are sometimes referred to as tilt braising pans or tilt skillet braising pans because they feature tilting mechanisms that enable you to pour the cooked items into smaller containers to be assembled or served. The formed pouring lip at the rim guides the product for a smooth transfer.

These units have a heavy-duty stainless steel pan that can stand up to the daily rigors of heavy use. Gas and electric braising pans are both available with the most capacities at 12 to 16 gallons.

Shop our collection of countertop braising pans from top industry names like Cleveland, Market Forge, Southbend, and AccuTemp. If you need any assistance with selecting the unit that suits your operation, our food service consultants are always ready to lend a hand and help you find awesome deals.

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