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Choosing a Commercial Cooler/Freezer Compressor

Commercial coolers and freezers are essential to any restaurant kitchen. If you’re new to the game, here are a few tips to choosing the right cooler or freezer compressor. 

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Jonathan J (New York, New York)
Great product
Deniz H (San Diego, California)
The product arrives sound and safe. Ckitchen keeps me informed about the lead time. We had use this product before
Ronnie C (Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania)
Cooking Meats and Breakfast items for Church Dinners\nWould recommend to people doing similar\ntype cooking.\n
Ryan D (Wauwatosa, Wisconsin)
We are a New York style pizza by the slice restaurant. These ovens are great for catering events and finishing 16"" pizzas or smaller as well as slices. Easy for two to carry.
S. Y. P (Lake Charles, Louisiana)
The product we wanted our store
Kevin S (Montville, New Jersey)
The oven is well built and very easy to install. I purchased a double stack and it came well packed and was extremely easy to move. The unit will be used this week for dinner service.
Johnson A (, )
One of the best oven available
Jake B (Albany, Georgia)
We are a general contractor and we installed this equipment for a customer
Gayle D (madison, Connecticut)
I use this product for defrosting in the microwave and it works great!
Dave C (Sprakers, New York)
Commercial camp kitchen feeding over 300 persons. A timesaver. Very well made.
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