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Make Your Kitchen Safer and More Comfortable With Backguard Flue Risers

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Backguard Flue Risers For A Safer Kitchen

Backguards and flue risers are small but valuable additions that keep a commercial kitchen safe and comfortable for your employees. A flue riser redirects the heat and gases produced by the cooktop of your commercial range or your charbroiler away from the user and into the ventilation hood. This goes a long way in keeping your kitchen more comfortable to work in while also protecting your staff from being exposed to potentially harmful fumes.

Backguard flue risers are mounted on your cooking equipment and they come in the same width as standard commercial equipment to ensure complete ventilation. On ranges, they are installed at the top of the unit, at the back rim. Charbroilers are designed installed on the back.

If you run a busy operation in a fast-paced environment, you will want a stainless steel backguard that is rust-resistant and durable, so they are more likely to deliver topnotch performance for long years. Most backguard flue risers are designed to work with a specific model or range or charbroiler

You'll notice that some backguard flue risers are taller than others. This is simply to accommodate the different layouts and needs of your kitchen. The general rule is that the taller the backguard is, the smaller the gap between your ventilation hood. The idea is to close that gap as much as possible to get better results.

There are backguard flue risers with shelves if you want additional storage available in your station without obstructing the ventilation. Whether you want convenient access to spices and other essentials while cooking or looking to set up a complete station by adding cookware or another piece of equipment like an oven on top of your range or charbroiler, these shelves will be a great upgrade. Shelf options include single and double high-deck shelves with tubular and slotted vented designs.

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