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Add Instant, Cost-Saving Frying Power To Your Kitchen With Ventless Fryers

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    Ventless Fryers: Safe and Convenient Frying Technology

    Ventless deep fryers are quick and convenient commercial food service solutions that take deep frying to a whole new level. These deep fryers utilize ventless technology that essentially removes the need for a costly ventilation system often required in conventional fryers.

    Since ventless fryers come with their own fire suppression systems, the setup is made so much simpler and significantly less expensive, saving you thousands of dollars in installation costs. This also makes them portable, which gives you more flexibility in terms of the placement of the fryer in your facility. In fact, ventless fryers can perform well even in a cramped space.

    Ventless fryers are fully enclosed so that no fumes go out decontaminated. The well-contained design also means no outside elements like air and dust go into the hot oil. This not only extends the lifespan of the oil so you can get more cooking sessions out of it, but it also gives you the confidence that the food that comes out of your ventless fryer is as delicious as it can be. Additionally, from a safety standpoint, ventless fryers minimize risks of spills, splatters, and accidents.

    CKitchen has a great selection of ventless fryers from top industry brands like Wells and Perfect Fry Company. Both countertop and floor models are available to suit your space and your needs.

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