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Fryer Baskets

Serve Up Consistent Batches of Fried Foods With Our Fryer Baskets

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Globe GFFBASKET3550 Fryer Basket
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Vollrath 40711 Cayenne® Small Fryer Basket
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    Fryer Baskets: Fry Cooking Essentials

    Fryer baskets are used for cooking large batches or individual servings of fried foods in a commercial deep fryer. These are essential to fry cooking as they keep fried food favorites like french fries, chicken strips, and onion rings safely contained when submerged in the oil for cooking. Fryer baskets also help you maintain uniform portion sizes in every serving.

    When the food is cooked up to your standard, it is as easy as pulling the fryer basket out of the hot oil using the handles to get it ready for serving. You can very easily shake off the excess oil to keep the cooked products from becoming soggy, which will drastically impact their taste and texture and not to mention the experience of your guest.

    Most frying baskets are rectangular and round in shape. They are typically made of wire mesh or steel wire with handles that are cool-touch or uninsulated.

    Fryer baskets typically come in three sizes. The most common is the half-size baskets that fit two in a standard frypot. There are full-size fryer baskets that take up the whole vat and narrow baskets that are one-third the size of the standard frypot. Other fryer accessories available here on CKitchen include fryer basket support racks and hangers that further simplify post-cooking tasks for speedier operation.

    CKitchen has a great selection of fryer baskets that can be used as a back-up to help you keep up with large demand. Many of our units can be used in your existing deep fryer. Let us know if you need any help choosing frying baskets that will fit your existing units perfectly. We have a team of foodservice consultants at the ready to provide any assistance you need and answer any questions you may have to help you find the best product for your operation.

    If you are also in the market for a new commercial deep fryer, we have an impressive collection of powerful, durable, and efficient frying solutions from leading industry names.

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