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Food Rethermalizers / Bain Marie Heaters

Save On Labor And Costs By Heating And Keeping Food Warm With Commercial Food Rethermalizers

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FMP 173-1140 Warmer Pot
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    Commercial Food Rethermalizers for All Applications

    Commercial food rethermalizers are designed to heat pre-packaged foods from a chilled or frozen state. In general, they take food from below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to above 165 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid the food from hitting the "danger zone", which is between 41 degrees and 135 degrees Fahrenheit, to ensure that food is safe to serve.

    While a commercial food rethermalizer is similar to a food warmer, it goes a step further than just holding food at ideal serving temperatures. It is able to heat chilled and frozen foods to safe temperatures. They can reheat foods and can also be used for holding heated foods for longer periods.

    Commercial food rethermalizers use hot water to heat products in bulk and they only take 90 minutes to get the job done. They are often employed in catering, buffets, healthcare, and restaurants that have limited preparation time and need to have warm, pre-packaged foods ready to go throughout a certain timeframe. They're also sometimes referred to as "bain-marie heaters" because they can warm catering and buffet containers safely.

    Commercial food rethermalizers come in various styles and sizes. The main thing that you want to consider when shopping for the best unit for your business is how much and how many different types of foods you'll need to heat and store at once. Larger models might have space for two or more foods, while smaller models are usually limited to one.

    The Best Commercial Food Rethermalizers At Low Prices

    CKitchen is made up of a team of food service experts who know the ins and outs of the best restaurant equipment. We can help you find the ideal food warming units for your individual needs and budget, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice. On top of that, we offer great financing, free shipping, and a low-price guarantee on commercial food rethermalizers by Hatco. We’re also happy to help you with your commercial kitchen design.


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