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Fulfill Orders Fast With Commercial Panini Grills

Despite the name, panini grills or panini presses actually have flexible food service applications beyond perfecting the classic the grilled sandwich. Panini makers can cook up a variety of foods right from your countertop. You can use it to grill tortillas, burritos, fish, and meats like burgers, steaks, chicken, and pork chops.

Available in single and double grill configuration, panini grills consist of a cooking surface and a top platen that can be pushed down the food to cook it from both sides simultaneously. Both cooking plates can be flat or grooved. You can even get a grooved top plate and a smooth bottom plate or vice versa depending on the type of foods that you will be using it for. Smooth plates create a griddle surface that can be used to cook vegetables and stir-fry food. Grooved plates can get those traditional grill marks on steaks. There are panini grills with removable plates to make them easy to clean.

Panini grills are defined by the ease of use, providing operators with an incredibly simple way to put together delicious food items. With a relatively straightforward design, you have a thermostat to monitor the temperature while cooking and a switch to turn it on and off. Some models come with timers that you can use to preset cooking times for different types of food you cook and make grilling even easier. Some units allow you to adjust the tension on the platen spring to fit larger food items or add extra pressure for more tailored results.

Panini grills typically have a stainless steel exterior to stand up to the rigors of daily use. The grill plates are either made of aluminum or cast-iron. Aluminum is durable and heats up quickly, but consumers more energy to retain heat. Cast-iron takes longer to heat up but stays hot for longer, making them more consistent.

CKitchen carries the most trusted names in the food processing industry. Our panini grills come from Star and Grandmaster-Cecilware packed with to ensure customer satisfaction.

CKitchen has a team of friendly and knowledgeable food service consultants who can assist in you selecting the right panini grill for your operation. Feel free to contact us so we can provide the help you need.