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Two Sided Grills

Expand Your Menu From A Tiny Space With Two Sided Grills

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    Two-Sided Grills: Doubling Cooking Power

    Two-sided grills are a great way to expand your menu and improve your kitchen productivity. These units, which are sometimes called commercial panini grills, enable you to produce not just a delicious grilled sandwich and panini, but other great-tasting menu items such as grilled vegetables, burgers, tortillas, and quesadilla--all at the press of a button.

    Dual sided cooking allows for quick and thorough results that can be hard to achieve in conventional single flat grills. The two cooking surfaces packed in the same piece of equipment allow for a clamshell-style operation, which is great for melting cheese and preparing meat.

    Two-sided grills come with cast-iron plates with excellent heat retention to deliver flavorful meals consistently. Grooved plates are also available if you want to get those grill marks to add flavor and texture to the finished product.

    Two-sided grills are available in single or dual cooking platforms. Depending on your cooking needs, you can get grooved tops and bottoms, or just one of the plates. With a smooth bottom plate and a grooved top plate, a two-sided can work perfectly as a griddle for cooking breakfast items.

    Most two-sided grills are constructed with stainless steel to create that dependably rugged build required to power through long days of heavy commercial use. Some two-sided grills have a spring mechanism on the platens that allow operators to adjust to the thickness of the products being cooked.

    Our selection of two-sided grills come from trusted brands in the foodservice industry such as Electrolux Professional and Globe. If you're not sure which of our commercial panini grills are best for your operation, feel free to contact our food service experts who will assist you in the selection process to ensure that you can find the unit that meets your needs, your space, and your budget.

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