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Flat Top Grills & Commercial Griddles

Commercial Griddles Allow Gas, Electric, and Induction Cooking for Versatility and Speed

Flat Top Grills & Griddles

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AccuTemp Commercial Griddles are durable, high-performance cooking surfaces ideal for commercial kitchens. Shop more for AccuTemp
Southbend Commercial Griddles are dependable, heavy-duty cooking surfaces engineered for fast, even heating and durability. Shop more for Southbend
Star Commercial Griddles are high-quality, energy-efficient cooking surfaces designed for consistent results and long-lasting performance in commercial kitchens. Shop more for Star
Toastmaster Commercial Griddles are reliable, easy-to-use cooking surfaces designed for small to medium-sized kitchens, delivering consistent heat distribution. Shop more for Toastmaster
Vulcan Commercial Griddles are heavy-duty, high-performance cooking surfaces engineered for precise temperature control and exceptional durability in demanding kitchens. Shop more for Vulcan
Wells Commercial Griddles are innovative, durable cooking surfaces designed for precise temperature control, fast heat-up times and even heating. Shop more for Wells
Wolf Commercial Griddles are precision-engineered, energy-efficient cooking surfaces designed for high-volume kitchens and consistent results. Shop more for Wolf
Imperial Commercial Griddles are robust, efficient cooking surfaces designed for fast heat-up times, even heating and long-lasting performance in busy kitchens. Shop more for Imperial
Sierra Commercial Griddles are versatile, heavy-duty cooking surfaces designed for consistent heat distribution and durability. Shop more for Sierra

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AccuTemp Electrolux Professional Garland US Range Lang Manufacturing Magikitch'n Southbend Star Toastmaster Vulcan Waring Wells Wolf Atosa Eagle Falcon Grindmaster-Cecilware Jade Range Vollrath Blue Air Globe Imperial Turbo Air AllPoints Connerton Eurodib USA Therma-Tek Winco Admiral Craft AMPTO BakeMAX Copper Beech IKON COOKING Sierra Skyfood Equipment

Commercial Griddles Allow Gas, Electric, and Induction Cooking for Versatility and Speed

Griddles and flat-top grills are time-saving cooking powerhouses designed for high-volume operations and high-quality results. These units provide a thick polished griddle plate to accommodate a wide variety of cooking applications. They pack quick preheat features and recovery together with constant heat distribution to keep productivity high. They also respond fast to manage high rush cooking loads even with frozen food. 

Commercial griddles provide great versatility to operators need for an expansive menu. They can do as great a job on proteins like burgers as they can on paninis, bacon shingles, and even vegetables. Flat-top grills come in two types. There are heavy-duty countertop griddles that add the cooking power right from your counter or clamshell griddles that are specifically designed for rapid cooking.

Clamshell options come with a spacious cooking surface and a top platen for cooking food on both sides at the same time, cutting cooking time significantly so you can keep orders coming during peak hours. Clamshell flat top griddles can have up to three (3) platens to cover the entire griddle surface. work best with a product with uniform height although there are electric units that don't come in direct contact with food so food geometry won't be a consideration.

Countertop options are central units in the cookline that you can use to whip up breakfast favorites like eggs and pancakes as well as staple menu items like sandwiches and vegetables. They are available in widths ranging from 24 and 72 inches. Each burner is placed every 12 inches and is individually controlled so you can cook different menu items at the same time.

Countertop griddles overcome space limitations that won't allow a large clamshell unit in the kitchen. While it only has a single traditional flat cooking surface, a countertop unit eliminates the uniform height requirements that the top platen design in clamshell equipment tend to have. If you want the clamshell design where floor space is at a premium, we have are topnotch countertop models equipped with a clamshell hood.

Griddle plates are usually made of steel or chrome. Steel is an inexpensive solution that can get the job done, but if you want increased heat retention and minimized flavor transfer and heat emission in your kitchen, chrome might serve you better. Composite plates are the most durable and offer the fastest heat transfer and recovery times. Plate thickness on countertop griddles ranges between half-in to an inch. The thicker the plate, the more volume of foods you can cook while maintaining consistent temperature across the plate.

Commercial electric and gas griddles are available here on CKitchen. We also have a selection of induction griddles that could suit your operation. We are home to top-of-the-line food service equipment from leading industry brands such as Southbend Magickitch'n, Wolf, AccuTemp, Garland US Range, Vulcan, Toastmaster, Star, and Eagle. Features like thermostatic controls and

Our team of food service consultants is always at your service if you ever need help in choosing the best unit that will meet your every need. We are committed to bringing you top-quality equipment at the lowest prices guaranteed and excellent customer service to make your shopping experience hassle-free.

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Flat Top Grills & Commercial Griddles Recent Reviews

Tanya B (Buffalo, Wy)

This griddle is the ultimate culinary workhorse, and it has earned its place as an essential part of our restaurant's success story.

Guy W (Janesville, Wi)

It has truly elevated the quality and efficiency of our kitchen operations, and we couldn't be more pleased with it (s performance

Matteo H (Johnson City,TX)

As for me, ease of maintenance is a crucial consideration in a restaurant kitchen, and this griddle excels in that department.

Kiran W (Kingston, RI)

The griddle's solid stainless steel surface not only looks professional but also ensures even heat distribution, resulting in consistent cooking results. Thank you for your suggestion!

Lily-Mae L (Lawrence)

Size matters in a restaurant, and this griddle delivers perfectly.

Claire Martinez (LA)

Whether we're making pancakes, burgers, or grilled sandwiches, this griddle delivers impeccable results!

Georgie Farmer (Jackson, TN)

Whether we're searing steaks, flipping pancakes, or grilling sandwiches, this griddle handles the demands of our restaurant kitchen with ease.

Verified User Michael N (Denver, CO)

It is a powerful and well-built griddle. Works flawlessly and looks great. Definitely worth its money.

Verified User Isaac M (Albuquerque, NM)

Love this griddle. It works really well. Great build, size, and appearance.

Elliot El (Chelsea, Ma)

Recently, we added a stainless steel countertop griddle to our culinary arsenal, and it has proven to be nothing short of perfect for our restaurant's needs

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Flat Top Grills & Griddles
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Flat Top Grills & Griddles
Flat Top Grills & Griddles
Flat Top Grills & Griddles
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