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Commercial Drop-in Griddles and Flat Top Grills

Transform Countertop Space Into A Productive Cooking Station With Commercial Drop-In Griddles

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    Commercial Drop-In Griddles: An Instant Cooking Station

    Drop-in griddles are convenient upgrades for commercial kitchens, quickly installed flush on the surface of a worktable or any counter space in your cook line to add instant cooking capabilities without taking up extra floor space and enhance your customer service all around.

    Drop-in griddles provide a large cooking surface for different types of foods. These units work especially great for front-of-the-house display cooking, but the beauty of the unique design of drop-in griddles is that it is easy to find a place for them whatever your setup is. You can also check out our line of panini grills and commercial charbroilers to enhance the versatility of your kitchen. Griddle plate thickness ranges from one-half inch to an inch. If you are a high-capacity kitchen that will rely on your commercial drop-in griddle to fill orders, you'll be better off which a thicker griddle to better suit your needs.

    You will find a lot of drop-in electric and gas griddles on CKitchen that come with special features intended for increased efficiency and control over the results you want to get out of your drop-in electric griddle. Depending on the design, drop-in electric griddles will have either a single or multiple cook zones that can be individually controlled.

    Commercial drop-in griddles also with either steel or chrome plates at a wide variety of sizes to accommodate your operation’s needs. You can get a drop-in electric griddle made specifically for Teppanyaki cooking or an induction griddle that makes use of magnetic currents to speed up your cooking. Some top-of-the-line drop-in griddles use steam that helps maintain even surface temperatures to perfectly cook cold or frozen products on the drop-in griddle surface with ease. 

    Our drop-in griddles come with a grease trough and backsplash to keep your workstation sanitary and easy to maintain. The stainless steel construction guarantees a long service life and a quick return of investment. 

    They are designed to be durable and easy to clean. Manual controls allow you to easily set temperatures for reliable cooking results. Specialized commercial griddles such as teppanyaki griddles are also available for unique demands.

    Commercial drop-in griddles are truly an ace in any restaurant or food service business we at CKitchen can help you find the right one for you. We also have a selection of countertop griddles and flat top grills from top brands.

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