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Southbend Jade Range Connerton

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Floor Model Griddles
Jade Range JGM-2424-F Supreme™ Griddle
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Jade Range JGT-2424-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$6,628.65
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Jade Range JGM-2436-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$7,078.23
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Jade Range JGM-2442-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$8,583.91
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Jade Range JGT-2436-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$8,762.09
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Jade Range JGM-2448-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$10,076.61
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Jade Range JGT-2442-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$10,969.87
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Jade Range JGT-2448-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$10,969.87
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Jade Range JGM-2460-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$11,067.81
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Jade Range JGM-2472-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$12,053.11
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Jade Range JGT-2460-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$12,182.91
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Jade Range JGM-2484-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$13,039.59
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Jade Range JGT-2472-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$15,493.99
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Jade Range JGT-2484-F Supreme™ Griddle
Your Price$18,113.59
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    Commercial Floor Griddles For High-Capacity Kitchens

    Commercial kitchens with a varied menu and a large number of orders that go out day in day out require a reliable piece of equipment to get you through the demand. Commercial floor griddles, also referred to as clamshell griddles, give food service operators like you a dependable solution for whipping up batches of delicious foods for your customers fast. Commercial floor griddles typically have a clamshell design that aims to simultaneously cook both sides of the food so that you can produce more for in a shorter amount of time.

    Whether you are looking for a floor commercial electric griddle or a floor gas griddle, CKitchen will have something for you. We also have accessories like grill attachments and grill thermometers to make cooking on your commercial floor model griddle a little easier.

    Commercial floor griddles make use of top platens typically made of stainless steel to cook the food from the top and the underside at the same time. Each platen usually has a 12" coverage and comes with a dedicated control knob for cooking different types of food with different cooking needs.

    Depending on the type and geometry of the food you will be cooking, a restaurant griddle may use top platens that directly come in contact with the food or electric radiants that maintain a three-inch gap between the cooking surface and heating element. Advanced commercial floor griddles automatically raise the top platens after detecting the food is ready. To avoid accumulating food residue on the platens, make sure to have grill scrapers at hand as well.

    Commercial floor griddles also have flat cooking surfaces with a range of thickness to suit the production capacity of your kitchen. These flat-top griddles typically have stainless steel grease collectors on the side.

    We also have floor griddles that come with a touchscreen with an easy-to-navigate interface so cooking can be reduced to as simple as pushing buttons. We have floor griddles with infrared heating for more efficient cooking and self-leveling platens for improved productivity.

    CKitchen has a great line of floor model griddles from top brands like Garland/US Range and Lang Manufacturing. These commercial griddles boast a stainless steel construction for durability and come with features such as touchscreen controls that make cooking easier and faster, with consistent cooking results.

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