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Pasta Cookers: Pasta Making Simplified

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Pasta Cookers: Pasta Making Simplified

If you serve a large amount of pasta every day, commercial pasta cookers, which are sometimes called pasta machines, will help you get the job done.

These units can help you prepare whatever type of pasta you have on the menu. Pasta cookers look very much like a fryer because they operate similarly. The key difference is that the pasta cooker holds and rapidly boils water at the perfect temperatures for cooking pasta.

Commercial pasta cookers come with basket lifters that are used to submerge the pasta into the boiling water to be cooked.

Commercial pasta cookers are typically constructed with stainless steel to stand up to heavy daily use. They can be gas or electric. For high-capacity kitchens with pasta menu items on offer, floor models are available. For small demands or occasional needs, there are countertop commercial pasta cookers you can get as well.

Our commercial pasta cookers come from some of the most trusted brands in the foodservice industry namely Electrolux ProfessionalPitco, and Southbend. If you're not sure which unit will serve your business best, CKitchen has a team of foodservice consultants ready to help and answer any questions you may have in order to find the best pasta cooker that suits your needs, your budget, and your space.


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