Convotherm Commercial Exhaust Hoods

Commercial Exhaust Hoods Effectively Remove Grease Particles & Smoke

Convotherm 60264 ConvoVent Ventless Hood by Halton
Convotherm 60264 ConvoVent Ventless Hood by Halton
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Commercial Exhaust Hoods: For A Safer Kitchen

Commercial exhaust hoods or ventilation hoods are often a required piece of equipment by local inspectors of foodservice facilities and commercial kitchens. They provide safety of your customers and employees and keep your kitchen clean and more comfortable for your staff to work in.

Commercial exhaust hoods also remove any odors that can put off diners. No one wants to sit down to eat and be surrounded by an overwhelming smell and smoke of food as it is being cooked.

Every piece of cooking equipment in your kitchen that produces grease-laden air, steam, and odors will require a commercial exhaust hood system.

Cooking equipment like ranges and fryers that are expected to produce greasy by-products from cooking will need Type 1 kitchen exhaust hoods, which are specifically designed to remove the heat, smoke, and condensation.

These units are installed above the equipment to trap grease and other contaminants proper to exhausting it to the exterior ducts. These units are installed with a makeup air device that essentially replaces the contaminated air with fresh air.

Type 2 commercial exhaust hoods are used for collecting and removing steam, vapor, heat, odors, and moisture from appliances that do not produce grease such as commercial dishwashers and standard ovens.

Commercial exhaust hoods are typically made of stainless steel in order to hold up well for long use without easily getting rust or dents. There are units that can be placed flush against the wall. Island hoods are available for installation on ceilings for equipment placed in the middle of the kitchen.

It is important to check with your local code when installing a fire suppression system on your commercial exhaust hoods. If you don't know which commercial exhaust hoods are best for your kitchen, feel free to contact us, and we'll provide the professional assistance you need to make the right selection that suits your facility and your budget.

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