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BKI OC-90 Oil Caddy
BKI OC-90 Oil Caddy
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Fryer Filters and Accessories: Fry Cooking Upgrades

Fryer filters and accessories improve the performance and extend the life of your commercial deep fryers.

Maintaining the flavor and texture of the food you serve to the highest quality is the secret to consistently delivering fried foods that are perfectly crispy and tasty. This is by preserving cooking oil efficiency that can only be accomplished through high-quality fryer filters.

When cooking batch after batch, food particles and moisture residue can stay in the oil and accumulate, negatively impacting the way your desserts, appetizers, and other fried food items taste and smell when they get out of the fryer. The texture also suffers because dirtier oil can make your french fries and chicken strips soggy.

By properly filtering out the sediment, fatty acids, carbon deposits, and other particles from the oil in your fryer, it can last longer and replacement will become less frequent. This means you get more use out of it, which translates to costs savings!

The most common way to filter oil in your fryers is in the form of filter papers, which are designed to catch food debris by pouring used fryer oil over it. Filter screens also facilitate deep filtration so you can trap finer particles and sediment.

For a more sophisticated filtration solution, CKitchen also offers portable filter systems that are installed underneath the fryer. These units pump out the oil for filtration before it is brought back into the fryer vat. Mobile filter systems typically feature a return hose nozzle and a heavy-duty motor and pump assembly. They offer a larger filter area for high-volume oil filtration usually come with a stainless steel crumb tray or filter pan.

Deep fryer accessories make your commercial frying simpler and more convenient. These items serve a specific purpose so you can save on labor and enhance your customer service. From splash shields, flue reflectors, and frypot covers to support racks, fish and chicken plates, and scoops, you

CKitchen has a wide selection of fryer filters and accessories that you can choose from. If you need any assistance with choosing the right item for your fryer, we have a team of foodservice consultants on standby to provide you any assistance you may need during your shopping.

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