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BKI VGH-8 Ventless Extraction Hood System
BKI VGH-8 Ventless Extraction Hood System
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Commercial Oven Accessories: Upgrade Your Baking

Your commercial oven is one of the most versatile commercial kitchen appliances you can have, and with oven accessories, you can maximize its use and tailor it to your specific needs to improve its service life and get desired results.

When it comes to keeping your oven at peak performance levels, keeping it clean is essential and an easy way to do that is through cleaning kits that are specifically rated for your oven. Whether you have a gas oven or an electric oven, you will save a lot of time from cleaning by using large non-stick oven liners.

Pans, racks, rack shelves, and pizza stones are also available if you need to replace existing ones or looking to have backups ready to prepare for a surge in demand or a production increase. If you plan to serve gourmet pizzas or anticipating increased, pizza stones will be especially valuable in achieving the results you're looking for.

We also have commercial oven parts and accessories designed for existing ovens. Stacking kits are available for upgrading your oven capacity. Stackable ovens make it possible for you to increase your cooking power and production volume from the same footprint. We also have heavy-duty stand mounts with rack storage for added flexibility and casters.

To ensure kitchen is always clean and comfortable for your staff to work in, consider our ventless hoods to conveniently eliminate vapors and steam produced by the oven.

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