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Serve Healthy Freshly Squeeze Juices To Your Customers With Commercial Electric Juicers

Waring BJ120C Bar Juicer
Waring BJ120C Bar Juicer
  • Price: $220.05
Superior Brand
Waring JC4000 Juicer
Waring JC4000 Juicer
  • Price: $642.95
Superior Brand
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The Best Commercial Electric Juicers For You

If you run a juice bar or looking to add healthy juices to your beverage program, you can find an array of commercial electric juicers that can meet your unique needs.

There are dedicated electric juicers for producing orange juice and other citrus favorites like limes and lemons. If you will be exclusively serving citrus juices, you will find countertop and freestanding commercial electric juicers that can deliver small to large servings at a time to suit your demand.

Some of the most popular options are centrifugal juicers, which are known for their speed. These machines are equipped with a blade that spins at fast speeds to shred the fruits and vegetables. To further maximize the speed of these juicers, look for units with big mouths or feed tubes, so you can place large slices of fruit at a time. These commercial electric juicers take very little space on your counter and offer a way to produce fresh juice quickly for your customers.

Keep in mind that the speed could lead to loss of nutrients and a lower yield. since the process also produces more oxidation, the finished product tends to separate quickly, which means you will notice the air bubbles or foam rise to the top.

If speed is not a concern, a slow juicer or masticating juicer is an excellent juicing solution that can offer nutritious and richer beverage alternatives to your health-conscious customers. The slower operation means they can squeeze more juice and nutrients into the final product. These machines are even capable of processing nuts, leafy greens, and frozen fruits.

There are countertop commercial electric juicers that can be used to create single or multiple servings at a time. For high-volume applications, there are heavy-duty large-capacity freestanding juicers that can produce many pounds of juice per minute! Some commercial citrus juicers can process dozens of oranges per minute. The autofeed design makes it even easier to produce large volumes.

There are also specialty juicing machines designed for producing juice out of wheatgrass and other leafy greens and herbs. CKitchen also offers specialty sugarcane juicers.

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