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Curtis Hot Water Dispensers

Use a Curtis Commercial Hot Water Dispenser for Fast and Convenient Hot Beverage Service

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Curtis WB5N Hot Water Dispenser
$1,018.34 /Ea
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Curtis WB5NL Hot Water Dispenser
$1,018.34 /Ea
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Curtis WB5NLB Hot Water Dispenser
$1,090.91 /Ea
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Curtis WB5NB Hot Water Dispenser
$1,090.91 /Ea
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Curtis commercial hot water dispensers are a great way to help your business meet your customers’ hot beverage demands. A specialist in the beverage appliance industry, Curtis has consistently produced equipment trusted by millions of customers for over 75 years. Curtis hot water dispensers are ideal choices for business owners looking to have a consistent supply of hot coffee, tea, and other warm beverages. Their models come with a 15-gallon per hour output, capable of helping you serve your customers without any hassle. Each unit comes equipped with an automatic refill system, saving time while ensuring efficiency. With a temperature range of 140 F to 210 F, you can be sure of meeting hot water needs quickly. The dispensers also come with a large LED display to help with advertising. The entire unit is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel, ensuring the water stored within the dispenser is safe and suitable for consumption. For customers looking for an affordable and easy way to serve their high-volume business, a hot water dispenser is the best bet. Curtis’ hot water dispensers are among the market’s most sought-after, thanks to the company’s long-standing reputation for building great machines. Check out CKitchen’s Curtis catalog for more!
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