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BUNN Juice Dispensers

Provide Your Customers with Refreshing Drinks Using BUNN Juice Dispensers

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BUNN 37900.0001 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$2,211.66 /Ea
Your Price$2,211.66
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BUNN 37900.0061 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$2,279.74 /Ea
Your Price$2,279.74
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BUNN 37900.0063 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$2,393.01 /Ea
Your Price$2,393.01
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BUNN 37900.0008 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$2,408.30 /Ea
Your Price$2,408.30
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BUNN 37900.0044 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$2,555.13 /Ea
Your Price$2,555.13
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BUNN 37900.0009 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$2,589.12 /Ea
Your Price$2,589.12
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BUNN 37300.0000 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$3,387.65 /Ea
Your Price$3,387.65
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BUNN 37300.0080 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$3,589.01 /Ea
Your Price$3,589.01
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BUNN Admiral Craft
BUNN 37300.0079 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$3,591.40 /Ea
Your Price$3,591.40
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BUNN 37300.0004 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$3,610.21 /Ea
Your Price$3,610.21
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BUNN 37300.0023 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$3,627.78 /Ea
Your Price$3,627.78
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BUNN 37300.0054 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$3,831.26 /Ea
Your Price$3,831.26
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BUNN 37900.0076 Juice Dispenser, Electric
$2,515.65 /Ea
Your Price$2,515.65
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Fresh juices and chilled cold coffee are definite crowd-pleasers at food service establishments, especially on warm summer days. Cold beverage dispensers like the juice dispensers from BUNN, available at CKitchen, are a welcome addition to any commercial kitchen space. These units have multiple dispense heads and a High Intensity® Mixing System for premium drink consistency and Brix accuracy. The superior burst capacity provides more cold, quality beverages. In addition, the easy-to-use, operator-friendly design makes them perfect for both kitchen settings and dining areas. They also provide optional single-size portion control. At the rate of one 12 oz drink/min, the burst capacity can deliver 70 drinks before exceeding 41°F (75°F ambient and 75°F incoming water temp). One dispenser offers frozen and ambient concentrate products to maximize profitability by providing various drink options. The quick dispense technology lets out liquid with 1.0 to 1.5oz (29.6 to 44.4mL) per second. The models pump and mix most 2+1 to 11+1 concentrates accurately and consistently, delivering quality beverages. The service-friendly design makes setup and maintenance simple, while the LED lighted door graphics bring high visibility, making them perfect to attract customers at the front-of-house. Check out the full range of BUNN juice dispensers and elevate your beverage service.
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