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Univex BC14 Bowl Cutter
Univex BC14 Bowl Cutter
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Univex BC18 Bowl Cutter with Built-In #12 PTO Hub 269 rpm
Univex BC18 Bowl Cutter with Built-In #12 PTO Hub 269 rpm
  • FINANCE FOR: $427.08/mo.
  • Price: $6,644.40
  • Retail: $6,644.40
  • Your Price: $5,127
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Commercial Food Cutters: Greater Efficiency, Minimal Labor

Busy kitchens need reliable and powerful tools that can help them keep up with crowds of hungry customers every single day. Commercial food cutters are your best companion in food prep as they are able to handle routine kitchen tasks with little to no manual intervention. Imagine being able to turn large chunks of products into manageable bite-sized pieces and fun shapes in a matter of seconds.

Commercial food cutters cut food in large amounts quickly and efficiently. Meats, fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients that run through these cutters are cut consistently and minimize handling from workers. They are also constructed with solid materials like aluminum and stainless steel construction to prevent rust and stand up to tough environments and heavy use.

Most commercial food cutters used in commercial foodservice settings are bowl cutters, which are excellent multi-purpose cutters that can process everything from leafy vegetables to meats. The bowl turns and moves food towards the quickly spinning cutting blades. An array of discs are included to achieve different sizes, shapes, and thickness that your recipes call for.

The efficiency of these commercial food cutters depends on power and speed. The horsepower of the motor influences the speed and the endurance, which means if you will be cutting large amounts of food most of the day, you'd want a powerful motor on your food cutter. Speed is determined by the RPM or revolutions per minute, which simply indicates how fast the blades turn.

Commercial food cutters come in a range of capacity with larger units able to process over 1,000 lbs of ingredients per hour. Some of these models are designed to accommodate another piece of equipment for more food processing flexibility.

Order online here on CKitchen and choose from our line of reliable commercial food cutters from top manufacturers such as Hobart, Piper, and Univex that are all tried and tested in commercial kitchens around the globe.

CKitchen has thousands of foodservice equipment and restaurant supplies from the best brands in the industry today. These products are guaranteed to meet your expectations of performance, quality, and safety. We aim not just to deliver topnotch equipment and supplies but also outstanding customer service. Our foodservice consultants are always ready to provide any assistance during your shopping to make sure that you make the best possible purchase for your operation.

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