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Top-Quality Immersion Blenders and Handheld Mixers

An immersion blender goes by many names--a handheld mixer, stick blender, emulsion blender, compact mixer, or immersion mixer. Whatever you choose to call it, what's sure is that this small gadget is a reliable kitchen assistant that makes it easy for chefs and foodservice professionals to produce delicious culinary masterpieces.

Immersion blenders are a handheld device that looks like a wand with what an ergonomically shaped handle connected to a tube that has a blade at the end. Despite the humble size, these blenders can actually be pretty powerful. A high-speed immersion blender will work well with light ingredients. Pay attention to the horsepower if you will be working with denser products. Handheld mixers with higher horsepower mean there is enough in the tank to shred and process harder and heavier ingredients. When paired with a higher RPM or rotations per minute, you can blend soups, sauces, creams, and many more much quicker. 

Immersion blenders are compact and convenient blending solutions that make the process of blending batches of food less cumbersome for your staff. Immersion blenders make it possible to blend the ingredients in the same container in which they will eventually be cooked or served. This means you won't have to take the extra time to transfer them from one vessel to another, which means there are fewer wares that need to be washed.

Some immersion blenders are made more versatile with interchangeable shafts so that you can use the same device to blend ingredients in a shallow bowl and in a much deeper pot. Some units come with a chopper attachment for added versatility such as chopping vegetables. You can also even get a whisk attachment, which will be useful in making dough, whipped cream, or cake batter.

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