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Digital Portion Scales: For Consistency and Quality

Digital portion control scales are economical and reliable weighing solutions that keep food service establishments fully in control of the quality and consistency of the food they serve day-in-day-out.

Digital portion control scales are worthy additions to any restaurant with very little counter space to occupy for the important functionality it brings to the table. These kitchen tools ensure each serving that goes out to your guest is accurate. They help you manage your food costs and your inventory. With these important kitchen tools, you are able to ensure consistency in each and every order and minimize food waste.

It will reflect badly on your establishment if you deliver orders short of the expected serving size. Going over the set portion, on the other hand, means you are consuming more ingredients than you should. Digital portion scales make sure you won't have this problem, and they do so by making the process of weighing products extremely simple.

Simply place the products on the weighing platform and watch the scale display the exact measurements on a backlit display in a matter of seconds. This minimizes room for human error, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of your kitchen in big ways.

Digital portion scales are powered by batteries. They are easy to maintain because the weighing platform, which is made of either stainless steel or glass, is typically removable and easy to clean. They are available with a range of capacities to accommodate your food weighing needs. Our digital portion scales here on CKitchen are some of the best in the market today from industry-leading manufacturers like Globe, Hobart, and Hamilton Beach.

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