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Janitorial Carts & Transport Equipment

Make Housekeeping Easy With our Janitorial Carts and Transport Equipment

Make Housekeeping Easy With our Janitorial Carts and Transport Equipment

Janitorial equipment is necessary when you want your establishment to be as sanitary and hygienic as possible. Clean surroundings will not only impress your customers but help your staff as well. Purchasing a basic mop and bucket will not suffice, particularly if you also provide lodging services. We have pushcarts that are state-of-the-art, look beautiful, and are compact enough to carry many supplies together. The quality of janitorial carts you purchase helps show the importance your staff places on the upkeep of your establishment, encouraging customers to visit your restaurant again to enjoy its hospitality and cleanliness.

Our selection of chair dollies can be helpful for efficient material handling and packing up chairs quickly after an event. They let your staff move around conveniently stacking up chairs as guests move out at day’s end. Our high-end serving pails make serving food to customers effortless. Our line of buckets and pails provide you with a quick and easy way to service your high-volume business. We have pails of all sizes to carry every kind of meal from finger food like french fries and wholesome meals like pasta and pizzas.

At restaurants that receive a large number of orders every day, you must ensure that trash resulting from these orders is emptied in a systematic and organized manner. Help your staff dispose of trash by purchasing our line of outdoor trash cans that are recyclable and can be rolled out conveniently. Keep your linens organized for instant use with the help of linen carts made of a reinforced steel base with an epoxy finish. With our laundry carts, you can keep fresh and washed dusters in one place, so that your staff can use them whenever needed.

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