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Piper Products Frost Top Serving Counters

Add Piper Products Frost Top Serving Counters To Your Serving Line To Keep Ice Cream Cold While Preparing Orders Or Displaying Cold Food Items

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There’s nothing quite like the taste of cold, creamy ice cream on a hot summer day! Restaurants serving chilled desserts need equipment to keep their merchandise at low temperatures before serving. That’s where frost tops come in. These food service appliances are designed to hold and serve pre-chilled foods and beverages. Unlike a refrigerator, they do not bring the temperature of menu items down to a certain level. Instead, they slow the warming process, allowing you to keep products cold for extended periods. A frost-top serving counter has a cold slab of stainless steel at the top. This chilled surface allows you to mix and prepare ice cream in various flavors and combinations of textures while creating an engaging experience for your customers. This boosts traffic and increases demand for your cold treats. This slab can also keep packaged or prepared products cold. CKitchen offers a complete line of frost-top service counters from Piper Products to serve your guests deliciously chilled food anytime. The units contain very tightly wound refrigerant lines below their surface. This, paired with a stainless steel metal top, allows the surface of a frosted top to reach frigid temperatures. Check out the range of frost top serving counters from Piper Products, now available on CKitchen.
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