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Carter-Hoffman Refrigerated Holding Cabinets

Equip Your Catering Business With Carter-Hoffman Refrigerated Holding Cabinets To Keep Sides And Other Dishes at Safe Temperatures And Easy to Transport

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Carter-Hoffmann PHB495HE Air-Screen Trayline Refrigerated Cabinet
$10,696.95 /Ea
Your Price$9,792.57
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Carter-Hoffmann PHB450HE Refrigerated Cabinet
$13,176.35 /Ea
Your Price$12,062.35
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Carter-Hoffmann PHB480HE Refrigerated Cabinet
$13,381.50 /Ea
Your Price$12,250.16
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Carter-Hoffmann PHB650HE Refrigerated Cabinet
$16,973.55 /Ea
Your Price$15,538.51
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Carter-Hoffmann PHB975HE Refrigerated Cabinet
$19,039.90 /Ea
Your Price$17,430.16
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Upgrade your commercial kitchen's refrigeration system with Carter-Hoffman Refrigerated Holding Cabinets, the reliable and versatile solution for keeping your perishable items fresh and at the right temperature. Built with durable materials, advanced features, and energy efficiency in mind, these cabinets are ideal for holding a wide range of perishable items, including prepared dishes, cooked meats, and other temperature-sensitive products. The cabinets come with adjustable shelving, digital temperature controls, and automatic defrost cycles, making them easy to use and maintain. Carter-Hoffman Refrigerated Holding Cabinets are built to withstand the busiest commercial kitchens' demands, with insulation that reduces energy consumption and operating costs. They are also incredibly versatile, with various sizes and configurations available to fit different kitchen layouts and requirements. Some models even include heated shelves for added flexibility. Investing in Carter-Hoffman Refrigerated Holding Cabinets is an investment in your business's future. With their long-lasting durability, advanced features, and exceptional versatility, they are sure to improve the efficiency and productivity of your kitchen while ensuring your food stays fresh and safe. Upgrade your refrigeration system today with Carter-Hoffman Refrigerated Holding Cabinets and experience the difference in your kitchen's performance.
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