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Convertible Refrigerator Freezers: Powerful and Space-Saving

Fresh food is the lifeblood of foodservice businesses, but if space is at a premium or budget is tight, having both a freezer and a refrigerator might not be an option. ou don't have to choose between a freezer or refrigerator; you can have both in the same single-footprint piece of equipment with convertible refrigerator-freezers.

Convertible refrigerators and freezers may be just what you need to add efficiency and flexibility to your commercial kitchen. These reach-in refrigeration units combine freezing and refrigeration functionalities so that you can properly store a wide variety of foods that require varying temperatures, all at the simple touch of a button.

These units allow you to effortlessly switch between freezer mode and refrigerator mode on a whim, providing you with the flexibility to accommodate more frozen food or more refrigerated food according to your needs. Convertible refrigerators and freezers are also great for space-crunched commercial kitchens where there isn’t enough room for both a refrigerator and freezer unit.

Our convertible refrigerator freezers come with one to three storage sections with full-height or half-height doors to accommodate your storage needs. All units have a corrosion-resistant stainless steel exterior that is easy to keep clean, but very difficult to dent or scratch.

At CKitchen, we only carry brands that produce high-performing units loaded with the best cold food storage technology and efficiency features, so you can expect these systems to hold up to rigorous demands for years of use. This is why we offer a wide variety of commercial refrigerator freezers from Traulsen.

This manufacturer offers products that have contributed to the brand’s reputation as the gold standard of commercial refrigeration. Traulsen convertible refrigerators and freezers are equipped with amazing features like self-closing, stay-open doors and removable, vinyl magnetic door gaskets for impressive temperature maintenance.

What’s more, many of these refrigerator-freezer combos are equipped with Santoprene® EZ-Clean Gaskets to further simplify routine cleaning. And with automatic interior lights and an advanced microprocessor control system, you can find and switch to the precise temperature your products need without the hassle.

Additionally, these high-quality commercial refrigerator freezers are backed by a lifetime warranty on many of the parts and components, so you can be sure the one you buy will be with you for decades to come. Enjoy a low-price guarantee, free shipping, and top-quality customer service when buying commercial refrigeration units from CKitchen.

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