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Commercial Shaved Ice Machines

Treat Your Customers To Delicious Ice Desserts With Commercial Snow Cone Machines and Ice Shavers

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Top-Quality Ice Shavers and Snow Cone Machines

Help customers beat the heat with shaved ice machines and snow cone machines. Perfect for use in parties or for business such as in a concession stand or carnivals, these machines make quick work of ice cubes or blocks to create great-tasting ice desserts. 

While both shaved ice and snow cones get their color and flavor from syrups, they are not necessarily the same product.  Shaved ice is characterized by the softness and fluffiness of the ice, which is produced preferably using blocks of ice. Snow cone ice, on the other hand, is coarse in texture, tends to have a little crunch to it, and can be made with ice cubes.  Whichever product you choose, you are guaranteed to deliver a delicious icy treat during the summer. Both are amazing and fully capable of cooling customers during hot days.

Many commercial ice shavers and snow cone machines have glass panels to keep the ice visible to you and your customers. They even have cool colors and graphics that help you merchandise the product.

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