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Condiment Stations

Condiment Stations

Condiment stations may seem like an afterthought for many, but the fact of the matter is that they can leave a lasting impression on your customers while nicking away at your restaurant’s resources.

Organizing your restaurant’s kitchen is quintessential to a streamlined and well-functioning operation. Storage forms the basis of your kitchen’s organizational structure, and quality food storage equipment is an absolute necessity. Irrespective of your commercial kitchen’s size and capacity, reliable food storage will enable your staff to cook more efficiently and make deliveries on time. Haphazard storage can impact your operational efficiency and can confuse employees. Containers also allow your food to remain safe from dust, grime, and other pollutants, helping you prevent cross-contamination & infections from food. You can also use food storage containers to store perishables and leftovers safely so they don’t go stale. Food storage supplies are a cost-effective and time-tested way of putting things in order in the kitchen. If you’re looking for quick and easy ways to serve your high-volume business, look no further.

Food storage containers come in a large array of sizes, shapes, and designs. However, each of them is cut out for one task - to make things simpler for you. Choose from CKitchen’s high-end range of food storage containers that include round & square food containers, container covers & lids, and food boxes. If you’re looking for storage options that are ideal for concession stands, salad bars, or food trucks, plastic food pans along with drain trays & lids would be the ideal choice. We offer a large collection of these items for your convenience. Put away raw material safely and in a manner that’s accessible to all of your staff by choosing from the broadest range of ingredient bins. Our catalog comprises a highly acclaimed collection of mobile and shelf ingredient bins. No kitchen can go without essential food containers. Being the bare minimum for organized storage, CKitchen offers great deals on the best square, round, graduated, and clear food storage boxes. With stainless steel steam table food pans, you can have your buffet section covered with a premium food storage and holding solution. Our collections include vast selections of steam table & hotel pans, decorative steam table food pans, and display food pans. To help with the large-scale storage of dry items, our catalogs showcase an eclectic selection of food & clear storage boxes that allow for easy access and convenient logistics. For caterers & mobile food stations, we offer the best lugs and tote boxes available on the market. Our collections source products from the best manufacturers to help you with rugged lugs, tote boxes, and covers. Don’t forget to go through our complete catalog for variety and quality in commercial kitchen storage options!