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Ice Scoops: Keep Cold Drinks Coming

An ice scoop is an essential component of any bar in order to serve drinks hygienically. Ice scoops help you maintain food safety in your operation. When you have a reliable ice machine that produces ice cubes for you on the daily, your ice scoop will be your main tool in scooping this ice from the ice bin into a pitcher or a glass.

Ice scoops are made of stainless steel or plastic. When it comes to durability, a stainless steel ice scoop is simply the better choice because it won't rust and can survive the hustle and bustle of a kitchen better. Plastic ice scoops are a much less expensive alternative and are available in different colors, which help you easily maintain a system that your staff can follow.

CKitchen offers a wide range of bar supplies and ice production equipment to help you serve high-quality cold drinks to your guests day-in, day-out. Our products only come from the industry's best brands and are offered at the best prices you will find only so you can build a foodservice operation that meets health codes and the demands of your customers. For any questions or assistance during shopping, please give us a call or send us an email so that one of our trained foodservice equipment consultants can promptly assist you.