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Irrespective of the nature of your commercial food business, kitchen hand tools are some of the bare necessities. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, deli, bakery, or bar, these pieces of equipment are involved in nearly every step of the operation. Kitchen hand tools are required to complete tasks that require manual effort and a precise touch. Although these are some of the smaller elements in a large commercial kitchen, the entire operation relies on them to get by. If you intend on building a stable food business that operates efficiently, high quality kitchen hand tools are imperative. These options are the go-to when you’re seeking cost-effective, quick, and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Be sure to visit our complete catalog of kitchen hand tool offerings to choose from the best options available on the market today.

To help with simple processes like serving, cooking, skimming, and tossing, we provide a complete trove of kitchen utensils for you to choose from. Our offerings include ladles, spatulas, skimmers, and wooden kitchen spoons. For functions such as garnishing, grinding, and roasting, CKitchen’s catalog includes the most durable steak weights, tenderizers, garlic presses, and food mills. Help your employees pick up food in the kitchen with safety and hygiene using high-quality tongs; utility tongs, ice/pom tongs, serving tongs, and spaghetti tongs. Serving food involves patience and elegance, and to make this more convenient for your front house staff, we provide the best range of serving forks, serving spoon & fork sets, and ladles. For specialty kitchen equipment like seafood tools, our catalogs includes acclaimed models of lobster crackers, shrimp cutters & de-veiners, and fish scalers.

Precision is an essential part of cooking. We at CKitchen have put together the best thermometers in a single trove, so you can choose only from the very best. Take a pick from pocket, probe, meat, candy, and deep fry thermometers. Smallwares are integral for the smooth functioning of the day-to-day activities at your establishment. Ensure easy slicing & dicing with our range of kitchen cutlery that includes chef knives, boning & filleting knives, knife sets, and sharpeners. Help your employees avoid wastage and promote exact measurements using top-tier measuring cups, scoops, and spoons. Since spoons have various measures and functions, having kitchen spoons cut out for each task is imperative. Go through our carefully crafted catalog to select the items that will fit in well with your existing kitchen equipment.