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Stock Pots - Quick and Easy Broth

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Stock pots are essential for creating broth for soups and sauces. These cooking utensils are high-walled and usually come with a lid that helps intensify the flavor of your product and quickens cooking times. These can be used to simmer meats and vegetables to create consommes and make stock for later use in pilafs and other dishes that require flavored liquids for proper flavor profiles. A good set of stock pots will serve as an efficient, quick, and easy way to service your high-volume foodservice operation. Stock pots can be general-purpose, meant for use on flame-based stovetops. They feature a heavy, or medium-duty construction and are excellent at retaining heat to save on fuel and cooking times. Induction stock pots are specially designed for use with induction stovetops. They feature a flat bottom that makes full contact with the heat source and conserves electricity.