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Strainers Help Create Perfectly Smooth Cocktails and Filter Out Ingredients

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    The Best Bar and Kitchen Strainers For You

    Strainers are a small but valuable tool to have in the arsenal of a barista, chef, baker, or any professional or enthusiast who prepares food and drinks. Strainers are designed to filter out larger pieces from beverages or liquid ingredients to produce a pure, smooth product. Depending on the type of products you will be using them on, strainers are available in a range of filtration size, which refers to the size of the perforations. The filtration size will determine how large or small the particles the strainers can catch.

    There are different kinds of strainers used for various kitchen and bar tasks. Many of these items are made of stainless steel so that they are don't easily rust, last longer, and are easier to clean. Smaller strainers that have a single handle, built with stainless steel with a fine mesh that is around 7 inches in diameter and a shape that resembles a cone or triangle are used to strain ice from a cocktail or any mixed drink as it is poured into a glass. Standard strainers with diameters ranging from 8 to 14 inches are the perfect moderate amount of ingredients.

    Larger kitchen strainers such as colanders do not have a mesh, but instead are perforated. Since these strainers have a larger capacity, they have two handles to give users a better grip during use. These strainers are the best tools for straining water from pasta or rinsing vegetables. These strainers also have a flat base so they can be set on a flat surface.

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