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Flight Type Dishwashers

Wash, Rinse, and Sanitize Stacks of Foodservice Wares In No Time With Flight Type Dishwashers

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    Flight-Type Dishwashers: Reduced Labor, Enhanced Quality

    Flight type dishwashers are high-performance dishwashing equipment designed for the busiest kitchens and food service operations such as large catering events, banquet halls, cafeterias, schools, and correctional facilities. These commercial dishwashing solutions can wash and sanitize thousands of wares per hour. Manual cleaning of a large number of plates and trays used on a daily basis is just not practical. Flight-type dishwashers are well-equipped to handle the job to ensure that there is always a sparkling clean plate or tray ready and safe for use to serve fresh food.

    Flight-type dishwashers have a conveyor belt that moves the items through a steel tunnel for a thorough cleaning. The path is usually a straight line, which means these units require quite a lot of space.

    A flight-type dishwasher has a loading area where the items to be washed as placed.  You can place your dishes directly onto the belt or use a rack for more delicate items like glassware. These dishwashers wrap up the process with a final rinse at 180 degrees Fahrenheit for proper sanitation.

    Not all flight-type dishwashers are built the same with some having more sections than others so it is important to determine your exact application in order to find the best model for your needs. Some models such as the models we have here on CKitchen include a prewash section and power rinse for maximum cleaning performance.

    For added energy savings, advanced units have heat recovery systems that preheat cold water using steam or energy created from inside the machine instead of outside. This involves the process of repurposing lost steam into heat. Other usual components you will find in a flight-type dishwasher includes multiple blowers to get optimal drying results effortlessly and a booster heater for quickly reaching the best water temperature for destroying bacteria.

    There are different belt sizes, which will determine the capacity of the unit. The standard width is 28 inches although there are narrower belts at 21 inches and much wider belts at 48 inches. When it comes to the actual opening, which will determine the height of the items you can wash with the flight-type dishwasher, the most common is 18 inches although taller units are offered to fit larger items like oval trays and sheet pans.

    Our flight type dishwashers here on CKitchen come from some of the industry's leading brands and are packed with innovative technology that achieves significantly reduced energy consumption for optimal wash results. Many of our flight-type dishwashers meet Energy Star, which allows you to enjoy amazing energy savings on top of optimal warewashing performance. These are advanced units that consume a much lower volume of water to get through thousands, making them friendlier to the environment.

    These units can get an important time-consuming job done without significantly increasing your energy costs or operating costs. Our flight-type dishwashers are user-friendly, reducing the process to a simple push of a button. Slimmer and more compact models pack a lot of power in a small footprint are also available for operators with limited space to work with.

    Water quality is important in warewashing, so don't forget to browse our line of water filters to make sure that your flight-type dishwasher runs smoothly and is protected from minerals and contaminants from unfiltered water that can corrode and damage the components.

    If you need any assistance during your shopping or simply looking for the best flight-type dishwasher that meets your requirements, you can always reach out to our foodservice equipment consultants through call or email for professional advice.

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