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Pressure Fryers

Increase Cooking Speed and Product Quality With Pressure Fryers

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BKI FKM-F Pressure Fryer
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BKI FKM-FC Pressure Fryer
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BKI FKM-TC Pressure Fryer
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BKI FKG-FC Pressure Fryer,  gas,  extra large volume
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BKI FKG-TC Pressure Fryer,  gas,  extra large volume
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    Commercial Pressure Fryers: Quicker, More Flavorful Results

    Commercial pressure fryers are an excellent addition to any commercial kitchen looking to improve their cooking speed and profitability. With these powerful cooking solutions, you won't have to make customers wait long for perfectly crisped and tender fried chicken.

    Pressure frying is a type of pressurized cooking in which the food is submerged into hot oil and then fully covered with an airtight lid. This will create a pressurized environment that will accelerate cooking time while ensuring even results. Inside the fryer, the moisture at the surface is heated to a boiling point rapidly, converting it to steam that engulfs the food being cooked.

    The internal temperature of the food rises as a result and the juices inside the food are brought to a boil while still sealing them all in, resulting in healthier, less greasy fried foods. This method achieves much faster cooking times at lower oil temperatures compared to conventional open frying.

    Commercial pressure fryers will perform well in busy operations where large-volume frying is required. Fried chicken, fries, fish, and other fried favorites cooked on pressure fryers come out richer and tastier as the natural flavor and nutrients stay intact during cooking. With pressure fryers, you also won't have to worry about flavor transfer, which means that you can cook different food items at the same time to perfect results.

    CKitchen has a great selection of pressure fryers from trusted brands such as BKI. Constructed with high-quality materials, these models are made to perform in the most demanding of environments. These pressure fryers are easy to operate and are built to last. BKI incorporates excellent oil filtration systems that help extend cooking oil life and reduce the effort required to protect oil quality.

    If you are not sure which of our pressure fryers is best for your operation, feel free to reach out to us and we'll connect you to one of our friendly food service consultants who will help you find the perfect deal.


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