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Rotating Tortilla Griddles

Warm Hundreds of Tortilla Griddles in Minutes With Rotating Tortilla Griddles

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Jade Range JTRG-34 Titan™ Rotating Tortilla Griddle
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Jade Range JTRG-48 Titan™ Rotating Tortilla Griddle
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Jade Range JTRG-34G Titan™ Rotating Tortilla Griddle
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Jade Range JTRG-48G Titan™ Rotating Tortilla Griddle
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    High-Performance Rotating Tortilla Griddles

    If you are serious about your tortillas and flatbreads, rotating tortilla griddles will be an excellent investment for your business. These are powerful pieces of kitchen equipment designed to help you make the best-tasting tortillas in the shortest possible time.

    These are essentially supercharged tortilla grills that are equipped with a large plate to accommodate multiple tortillas at a time. This plate rotates at different speeds that you can easily adjust to your preference so you can flip tortillas quickly while ensuring each one is warmed to perfection.

    Rotating tortilla griddles can easily warm almost a thousand tortillas in just a matter of hours. The best part is that despite the size, one person can comfortably operate the unit, helping you save on time and labor while meeting and even exceeding the daily tortilla needs of your restaurant.

    Our rotating tortilla range griddles here on CKitchen are well-made and dependable. Units from industry leader Jade Range can even be upgraded to cook meats and other products that produce grease, making it more versatile.

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